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Galaxy Telecom is a quality & established distributor of whole sale mobile devices. We have build a trustworthy relationship with numerous companies and have a established reputation as mobile phone distributors. We offer reliability, affordable pricing and friendly service. Also with many years of experience in this market we have set ourselves apart as a dependable and trusted company. The team of Galaxy Telecom is made of excellent business, social and professional orientated individuals, who give their all to provide the best product and service for the respected clients.

Relationship with customers

Galaxy telecom place emphasis on the following when it comes to our relationship with customers. Communication. We find it very important that we have good communication with our customers and that they are aware of development regarding our business with them. The constant flow of information helps the customer to be informed of progress. Keeping promises. For Galaxy Telecom keeping promises plays an essential roll in our relationship with customers. This is how the integrity and trustworthiness of Galaxy Telecom has been build upon through out the years. Asking feedback. We understand if a customer is not content . We try our best to attend to the need of our customer. We ask feedback so that in the future we can improve to the needs of our customer and find the best solution to their problems.

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